Islamic Jihad and “Voluntary Apartheid”

Islamic Jihad and “Voluntary Apartheid”

“In the face of a lethal, ideologically driven threat, our government’s policy is to turn a blind eye to ideology.”- Andrew C. McCarthy 

Andrew C. McCarthy, in the May 20, 2013 National Review, explores the Islamic theology behind the radicalization of the Boston Marathon bombers.  As he connects the known facts with the theology, there emerges a critique of the Muslim supremacist notion that Muslims in American should “integrate but not assimilate.”  That critique is extracted and presented herewith.  However, it is well worth the effort to read Mr. McCarthy’s full article as time permits.  (block quote credit Andrew C. McCarthy “American Dawa- The radicalization of the Tsarnaev brothers” National Review 5/20/13)

The [Boston Bombers] seemed very well assimilated, at least until recent years.  Thus the pressing question: How did this happen?  The answer begins with that simple, chilling admonition from Muslims leaders: Integrate but do not assimilate.

The strategy has been called “voluntary apartheid.”  It was the bedrock of Muslims Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna’s framework for ground-up revolution.  In every city and town, the Egyptian academic taught, Muslim leaders must establish a mosque-cum-community center… serving as the “House of Dawa”- that is, of Islam’s particularly aggressive form of proselytism- and providing “the base for our rise… to educate us, prepare us, and supply our battalions.”

That these battalions will emerge from the dawa mission stressed by Muslim leaders is inevitable.

Robert Spencer, a sharp critic of Islamic supremacism, fittingly describes dawa as “stealth jihad.”

The Brotherhood’s leading sharia jurist, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who boldly promises that it is through dawa that “we will conquer Europe, we will conquer America,” is perhaps the most influential champion of the “integrate but never assimilate” principle.

What the supremacists demand… is the establishment of autonomous Muslim enclaves within a society to which they are irrevocably hostile.

It is true enough that most adherents to this ideology will not become terrorists: but it is equally certain that some will- and many have.

Though Brotherhood leaders and Islamist intellectuals in the West purport to renounce violence except in self-defense, they concurrently beatify violence and preach that Islam is always under attack.  The young Muslim who hears terrorism occasionally condemned also hears it constantly rationalized, excused and endorsed- by revered role models.

…it has become the fashion to abide, even to admire, Muslim leaders who temper their effusive praise for Jihadist violence in the Middle East with vague denunciations of attacks in the West.

In the face of a lethal, ideologically driven threat, our government’s policy is to turn a blind eye to ideology.  Only criminal activity, it insists, may properly be investigated- even if that means the investigation happens only after the activity has killed innocent people.

Far from regarding Islamic supremacism with dread and suspicion, our government appeases supremacist agitators.  We avert our gaze as the House of Dawa supplies the battalions of Islam.  As America retreats, the war comes home again.

Freinds, the only way we are going to win the Counter Jihad is by educating ourselves as to their methods and theology. – “Grizzly Joe” 

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