Islamic Jihad on the Internet

Islamic Jihad on the Internet

avatarThe reach of Jihadists over the internet cannot be ignored.

Cowardly Islamic Jihadists call for attacks on soldiers in Western countries.  A “self-radicalized” Muslim convert kills an unarmed Canadian soldier in Ottawa.  Then, with perfect 20-20 hindsight, we are reminded once again of the role the internet plays in what is popularly called “self-radicalization.”

[O]nline manifestations of terrorism can kill. Facebook and Twitter users in places like Libya, Syria, Iraq and other countries with no rule of law are especially vulnerable. Social-media postings can lead to assassination, which is followed by online gloating and used to threaten other individuals.


It would be impossible for any host site to shut down all accounts used to make terrorist threats or to incite murders. But current efforts, especially at Twitter, are not effective.  …Facebook prefers to focus on making it as easy as possible for people to report forbidden content, which is then reviewed by humans—rather than rely on algorithms to cut content off at the source.

Twitter seems to assume that its users live in a place like San Francisco. Its online support (#whatshouldido) suggests that users who “receive a violent threat” should “contact law enforcement.”

Much of the threatening online activity by Islamic State and other jihadists could be eliminated with common-sense measures, such as checking account names against lists of al Qaeda figures and designated terrorists. Online hosts could refuse to take accounts with Islamic State, or ISIS, and other names popular among terrorists and their supporters. Social Media in a Time of Terrorism- By ANN MARLOWE Wall Street Journal 10/22/14

The popular notion that “lone-wolf” Jihadists such as this latest Muslim dog are self-radicalized is truly misleading.  They are not radicalized in a vacuum free from outside influences.  Whatever the predisposition of these “lone-wolves” to Islamic radicalization, the reach of Jihadists over the internet cannot be ignored.  It is time for social media sites, Twitter especially, to step up and silence the cancer of Islamic Jihad on their sites. – Grizzly Joe

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