Islamist Apologist Faiza Patel Seeks NYPD Oversight

Islamist Apologist Faiza Patel Seeks NYPD Oversight

The AP reports that the New York City Council is considering whether the New York City Police Department should have an inspector general oversee the Department.  The proposal is supported by people troubled by “widespread spying on Muslims.”  Further, “a panel of criminal justice and legal experts” suport the proposal.  The one expert quoted in the article is Faiza Patel of the New York Brennan Center for Justice.

What is The Brennan Center For Justice?  “Our work [includes]…  Constitutional protection in the fight against terrorism”.  Huh?  My liberal-lefty-double-speak meter just went off!  Let’s be honest here.  Generally, those who oppose terrorism of any kind merely say “we oppose/fight terrorism” or words to that effect.  However, this group portrays themselves as Constitutional guardians in the “fight against terrorism”.

Translation: they support  Islamic appeasement  and thereby attempt to thwart legitimate Government efforts to prevent  Jihadist violence.

Today’s Lesson? : Beware the liberal mainstream media and those who use who use our Constitution to further the Islamist Jihad agenda.

Two links to the Brennan Center’s site to counter any “that’s not what we do” nonsense:

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