Islamist Qatar to Open NYC Consulate- Know the Players!

Islamist Qatar to Open NYC Consulate- Know the Players!

avatarWe must look beyond that which is reported in the mainstream media.

Many reading this article will not have previously heard of Qatar; an Islamist regime in the Mideast with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Al Jazeera “news agency” in all its permutations, including Al Jazeera America.  With the mainstream media ignoring the threat of Koranic literalism (aside from deadly Jihadist attacks), it is all the more important that Americans educate themselves as to the role Islamist regimes play in geo-politics today.  Unlike Qatar, we hear about Iran, Iraq and Syria with relative frequency.  We must look beyond that which is reported in the mainstream media to gain a better understanding of the Islamist worldview that literally threatens our lives.  That said, Occupy Bawl Street today presents a snippet of an article in the Wall Street Journal masquerading as reportage on a real estate deal between Qatar and a family of art dealers:

The Wildenstein family of international art dealers is selling its East 64th Street headquarters to the government of Qatar, which plans to open a New York consulate there.

Consul General Ahmed Yousef Al-Rumaihi was drawn by the building’s history, its location and its security features. Built with steel construction, the five-story building has reinforced floors built to accommodate the weight of vaults. “It’s an amazing building,” he said.

Since last summer, Mr. Al-Rumaihi has been offering consular services out of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel on Central Park South.  Excerpted from Jennifer Maloney “Qatar Buying Art Dealer Wildenstein’s Manhattan Headquarters” Wall Street Journal 1/30/14

Is it a big deal that Qatar is buying a building in New York City to house its consulate?  Probably not.  However, in the big picture of the global counter Jihad, every little piece of the puzzle provides additional insight into the big picture.  Knowledge is power. –Grizzly Joe

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