Israel and Arabs to Unite Against Militant Islam?

Israel and Arabs to Unite Against Militant Islam?

avatarThe concept is no longer as farfetched as it once seemed.

Will the blind savagery of Islamist militants cause the rest of the world, Arab and non-Arab alike, to join in battle against the common enemy?  Will Arabs join Israelis to fight Islamic militancy?  The rise of ISIS may very well cause former enemies to unite against Islamist militancy.

In his speech before the United Nations General Assembly Monday (9/29/14), Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said:

“After decades of seeing Israel as their enemy, leading states in the Arab world increasingly recognize that together, we and they face many of the same dangers.  Principally, this means a nuclear armed Iran and militant Islamist movements gaining ground in the Sunni world…  The Middle East is in chaos.  States are disintegrating and militant Islamists are filling the void.”

The Wall Street Journal picks up on this theme of a common enemy uniting the West and Arab countries:

The most important development [in the American offensive against Islamic State] is that Arab states, at America’s urging, have finally started to take part in defending themselves against an extremist threat. If that development lasts—a big if—it represents a paradigm shift, one that is underappreciated amid the debate over America’s role in the fight against Islamic State. At a time when two nations at the heart of the Arab world—Syria and Iraq—appear to be disintegrating, the adult states around them need to play a bigger role in stabilizing the region.

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There also seem to be clear limits on what America’s Arab partners will and won’t do, and they remain reluctant to discuss their role publicly, a sign they fear a backlash from radical forces and perhaps their own citizens for going after Islamists this way. It’s far from clear how steadfast America’s Arab partners will remain when, as seems inevitable, they are targeted for revenge attacks from Islamic extremists enraged at their cooperation with the U.S.

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But now, America’s friends have to ask themselves whether the biggest threat to their long-term stability comes from Iran on the outside or from a new generation of multinational Islamic extremists sinking roots within the Arab world.  excerpted from “Arab States’ Help Opens New Front in Fight” Gerald F. Seib Wall Street Journal 9/30/14

Arab states fighting with America against the common foe of Islamist militants, something pessimists thought would never happen.  Will these same Arab states also join with Israel to conquer the Islamist militants that threaten all?  The concept is no longer as farfetched as it once seemed. –Grizzly Joe

Netanyahu on MILITANT ISLAM (edited remarks from Netanyahu speech at the United Nations General Assembly 9/29/2014- OBS vid 3:21)


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