Issues in Israel Election

Issues in Israel Election

AFDI adToday Israel holds parliamentary elections which may ultimately determine whether Israel survives the Islamist threats to wipe Israel off the map. The mainstream media in America has been focused on the mutual disdain between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Unites States President Barack Obama.  Herewith a synopsis of the issues Israeli’s are considering:

JERUSALEM (AP)— Israel-U.S. relations: Netanyahu’s challengers say he has bungled the relationship with Israel’s most important ally and vow to mend the rift.

— Iran: Netanyahu has lambasted world powers, including the United States, for forging what he has called a “bad deal” with Iran. His opponents charge that he has used the Iran threat to paper over issues closer to home, like the economy and the rising cost of living.

— Palestinians: Some of Netanyahu’s challengers have promised to push forward negotiations with the Palestinians. Netanyahu has staked out positions on the West Bank and east Jerusalem that are far less generous than those offered unsuccessfully by predecessors.  He has recently said that the advances of Islamist groups in the Middle East make conceding territory “irrelevant.”

— Economy: The rising cost of living has become a central issue for Israelis.  Netanyahu has not focused on the economy during the campaign while his opponents have pledged to address the growing concerns and narrow the gap between the rich and poor.

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