Japan Considers Paying ISIS Ransom

Japan Considers Paying ISIS Ransom

best blog USAThe issue of whether to pay Jihadist ransom for hostages is not purely a humanitarian issue.  Civilized Western leaders and citizens alike simply do not want to see hostages beheaded by savage jihadist dogs.  However, the primary issue from a counter-jihad viewpoint is that meeting ransom demands will merely lead to more hostage taking.  In the hostage crisis currently facing Japan, we also see that issues of international politics and perceptions may also come into play:

TOKYO (WSJ) —As the clock ticked down Thursday ahead of the extremist group Islamic State’s deadline for executing two Japanese hostages, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe found himself with limited options.

“The Japanese government is well aware that giving in to hostage takers creates perverse incentives,” said Thomas Berger, associate professor of international relations at Boston University, explaining that Japan is sensitive to potential criticism from its allies.

A video posted on a YouTube channel used by Islamic State’s publishing arm Tuesday showed a masked man with a knife threatening to kill two kneeling Japanese men unless the government paid $200 million in ransom.

Japan has shown a willingness to be flexible in hostage crises, perhaps more than countries such as the U.S. and Britain have been, at least since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Adhering to extremist demands now could risk undermining Tokyo’s relationship with the U.S. and raise questions about his commitment [to fighting terrorism].

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