Jewish Law Students Praise Islamic Apologist Jimmy Carter

Jewish Law Students Praise Islamic Apologist Jimmy Carter

Your humble blogger has written in the past about how Islamists regularly denounce Islamic moderates (ie, non-Jihadists, Muslim feminists, etc.) for being bigots against their very own religion.OBS 2/28/13 I’ve written about First Amendment, statutory and Jihadist propaganda issues Americans must understand in fighting Islamic Jihad. OBS 2/22/13 Further, I am quite proud of the fact that my counter-jihad/pro-Israel writings have gotten the attention of Jihadists. OBS 1/31/13

So, it is with heavy heart that today I write today about students at an American Jewish graduate school endorsing an Islamist apologist/appeaser.  Yeshiva University Cardozo Law School’s Journal of Conflict Resolution will award former President Jimmy Carter the “International Advocate for Peace Award”.

Let us briefly review Mr. Carter’s “peace advocacy” as it relates to Islamists, Jews and the State of Israel. (block quote credit The Elder of Ziyon Blog 4/5/13)

1987: Carter intervenes to help a Nazi war criminal.

2006: Carter says economic pressure on Hamas is immoral but is desirable against Israel.

2006: Carter labels Hamas as peaceful

2006: Carter says there haven’t been any terror attacks on Israel in the previous 18 months [FALSE!]

2008: Carter implores the EU to ignore the US position on Gaza terrorists and to embrace them instead.

2009: Carter asks Hamas to “Help Obama to overcome the Zionist lobby”

2009: Carter is revealed to have been against a separate Israel/Egypt peace agreement

2010: Carter praises Palestinian Arab “democracy” but casts doubts on Israel’s democracy

2012: Carter has no problem with Islamists in power in Egypt

2012: Carter says that if Iran has one or two nuclear weapons, it is no big deal.

To be clear what I am reporting here; students (mostly Jewish?) at Yeshiva University are supporting Islamist apologist/appeaser Jimmy Carter.

One could almost forgive these students their youthful error as most of them were likely in grade school on 9/11/01 and are obviously not adequately informed about the danger of Islamic appeasement.

However, what of the elders/educators in the administrations at Yeshiva and Cardozo? Do these elders not have an obligation to teach their students the difference between unfounded youthful opinion and factually supported mature common sense?

Here are some articles supporting and opposing the award to Carter.

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