Jihad in America: The Grand Deception (DVD review)

Jihad in America: The Grand Deception (DVD review)

The Investigative Project on Terrorism Foundation 2012 DVD 70 mins “No Rating”

[Author’s note- This site is NOT anti-Muslim, it is anti-Islamist.  If you do not know the difference, read on…]


“A cogent factually based exploration of the Islamist deception that motivates the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR in America.”- OccupyBawlStreet.com

Question:           How do we differentiate our Muslim friends from our Islamist enemies?

Answer:              Education via tools such as this outstanding documentary.

“The Grand Deception” lays out in no uncertain terms the danger that the Muslim Brotherhood presents to America.   “Deception” does not condemn all Muslims or the Islamic religion.  Explored here is the political ideology of “Islamism” (or “Political Islam”) as espoused surreptitiously by the Muslim Brotherhood and its associated intertwined fronts.

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 with the core goal of Islamic world domination.  Today, the Brotherhood influence is seen in diverse Islamic groups from the obviously terroristic Al Qaeda to the purportedly benign Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR).  Sadly, CAIR is known to most Americans as simply a Muslim advocacy group.

“Deception” posits that Islamist dishonesty most be exposed and delegitimized by the “disinfectant of sunshine”.  Ironically, the Brotherhood uses our unique system of American liberty and freedom as a cloak to proselytize the destruction of America.  The web of Brotherhood front groups exposed in “Deception” shows that Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty are sleeping even as the Muslim Brotherhood prepares to slay them.  The evidence here is quite clear that Brotherhood leaders say one thing to the American public (“we are your friends”) while saying quite the opposite to their fellow Islamists (“death to America”).  You will literally see specific Brotherhood members contradicting themselves from one speech to another; “outting” themselves as Islamic Jihadists.

As an example of their deception, Brotherhood affiliated front groups have learned to manipulate the mainstream media with unfounded claims of Islamic bias to blunt, divert and suppress legitimate inquiry into nefarious Islamist activities.  “Deception” also explores the Brotherhood’s use of political camouflage, language manipulation (“dodging”) and other methods to infiltrate American society.  “Deception” shows how the cancer that is Islamism spreads while the Muslim Brotherhood hides in plain sight.

This is unequivocally the best Counter Jihad Documentary I have seen thus far.

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