Judith Miller on NSA & Obama/Leno Bromance

Judith Miller on NSA & Obama/Leno Bromance

“The time has come for a look… between what we do to stay safe and what we are doing to protect our civil liberties.” – Journalist Judith Miller

“I think change [in the NSA/FISA program] is long overdue…  While I might trust Pete King and President Obama to respect the balance between civil liberties and national security, I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to trust the next president…  I know first-hand the enormous power of the Government when it turns and focuses on an individual…” Judith Miller speaking at “LIBERTY VS. SECURITY: What is the Right Post-9/11 Balance in America” in N.Y.C. 8/7/13 sponsored by ConcernedVeteransForAmerica.org, Manhattan-Institute.org, and WeeklyStandard.com. (OBS Vid 6:12)

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***OBS will be posting more video from this conference as time permits!!**

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