Just How Bad is Egyptian “Ultraconservative” Islam?

Just How Bad is Egyptian “Ultraconservative” Islam?

The United States mainstream media use terms such as “peaceful” and “radical” to label which brand of Islam they happen to be reporting on.  Now imagine reporting about Islam in politically tumultuous Egypt using similar terms to differentiate various Islamic political parties; would those labels mean the same thing?

“A radical faction within Egypt’s most conservative Islamist party is breaking away, threatening to pull the nation’s politics further rightward ahead of a vote to elect a new Parliament.” Matt Bradley- Wall Street Journal

YIKES!  Did you catch that? “Egypt’s most conservative Islamist party”, which western reporters would hopefully label “radical”, has an even more “radical faction” that presumably is unhappy with the liberal leanings of the “most conservative Islamist party.”  Wait, it gets better… which actually means it gets worse!

“[The new political party will] ally with a party led by Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, a firebrand former presidential candidate who commands a loyal—his detractors say fanatical—following of ultraconservative Islamist activists.” WSJ

GAH! “Ultraconservative Islamist activists” that conservative Islamists label as “fanatical”.  This “fanatical” group is called “Hazemoon”, one suspects we will hear more about them in the near future.

Can you imagine how bad a group of Egyptian Muslims must be to be labeled fanatical by fellow Islamists?  This does not bode well for American “interests” in the region nor right here at home.

Read the full article here:

Islamist Split in Egypt Buoys Radical Wing (WSJ 1/3/13)


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  1. They want to connect Conservative Radicals in Egypt with what the perceive as Radical Conservatives here. The are trying to destroy the concept of Conservatism in the minds of the stupid.

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