Kenyan Mall Attack Warnings Ignored

Kenyan Mall Attack Warnings Ignored

Sadly, we must take what we learn from each successful attack to strengthen our counter-Jihad arsenal.


Is anyone shocked that Intelligence reports warned of the Jihadist attack on the Kenyan Westgate Mall?  Warnings were also “missed” before the Boston Marathon Bombing and the Fort Hood attacks.

It wasn’t exactly a surprise.

A year before the assault, a Kenyan government intelligence report warned of a potential attack at Westgate [Mall]… The briefing, dated Sept. 21, 2012, said Somali militants from the group al-Shabaab were planning to target the part-Israeli-owned mall.

Another intelligence briefing from February warned of attacks like those that struck Mumbai in late 2008…

The assault on Nairobi’s Westgate mall by al-Shabaab militants was similar in style [to the Mumbai attack]…

In the month leading up to the Westgate attack, signals appeared to have been missed in the mall itself.

Kenyan authorities said after the attack they discovered an explosives-laden vehicle that was parked in the basement parking lot for more than a month before the Sept. 21 attack, according to a Western security officer. The officials believe that was part of an effort to stockpile ammunition, the officer said. Block quote credit HEIDI VOGT & PATRICK MCGROARTY “Before Kenya Attack, a Warning on Terrorism” Wall Street Journal 9/30/13

To be fair to intelligence agents around the world who tirelessly gather and collate these warnings, there is no way for us civilians to know how many intelligence warnings become actual real-world attacks.   Sadly, we must take what we learn from each successful attack and strengthen our counter-Jihad arsenal.  One only wishes we could eliminate these bloody lessons. – Grizzly Joe

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