Kony2012 What I Learned

Kony2012 What I Learned

Hopefully by now you have at least heard of the Kony2012 social media campaign which stormed the Internet last week and educated many, including myself, about the crimes of Uganda’s Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army.  While the Kony2012 director admits it is an oversimplified media campaign, it got us talking and learning! The official Youtube video already has almost 74 million views (yes- 74 MILLION). I am not trying to jump on the bandwagon with this brief post. When I finally got back to my computer this morning I wanted to learn about Kony2012, thus KONY2012 has reached me. I now have a basic understanding of the horrific war crimes underlying Kony2012. If this brief post educates even just one person in addition to myself then it’s time well spent. Naturally, I had heard of the Lord’s Resistance Army prior to the Kony2012 media campaign. However, Kony2012 has certainly focused attention on the fact that this criminal is at large and must be brought to justice. Further, the terrorist organization Lord’s Resistance Army must be suppressed. Click the links below, educate yourself about the issue, and join the movement to bring this evil man and his followers to justice.


Kony2012 Official Youtube Site

Christian Science Monitor Article 3/12/12

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My Darfur Genocide “reminder” post 3/7/12

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