Lars Vilks: Accidental Counter Jihadist (Mohammed Cartoon)

Lars Vilks: Accidental Counter Jihadist (Mohammed Cartoon)

      LARS VILKS (R)

In the shadow of the United Nations, that iconic bastion of do-nothingness, Stop Islamization of Nations (SION) held the First Session of the World Congress in Defense of Free Speech on September 11, 2012.
Lars Vilks was arguably the “Superstar” of the stellar international panel of SION speakers. (Fox News Story) The Swedish artist (do not call him a cartoonist!!) has a fatwah against him for a sketch (don’t call it a cartoon!!) that offended Muslims. It portrays Mohammed as a dog (any image of their prophet is forbidden under Islam, and dogs are considered a filthy animal; combine the two and Jihadists have yet another an excuse to be Jihadists!) (sketch follows article) 

Mr. Vilks terms himself the “accidental counter-jihadist” asserting that he has “no special interest in Islam.” “My point of view is art” is how he optimistically describes his outlook of world events. Vilks explained that his notoriety arose when folks around Sweden began placing small renderings (sculptures or other artwork) of dogs along roadsides around Sweden as something of a prank. (Think of the “Tebowing” picture fad that swept the internet some months back and you’ll understand the basic premise.) As a result of the roadside dog fad, he did the sketch that would bring him into the public eye. “This has developed into a performance art” is how he (jokingly?) describes the virulent Muslim reaction to his sketch, the attempted arson of his home, and the general state of his life as he lives under the constant threat of death. Indeed, he explained that “the spectator creates the work [performance art].” Thusly, the continuing “performance art” which he says attendees in the conference room became a part of includes his living under 24 hour police protection for the past two years.

For in-depth coverage of the Stop Islamization of Nations World Congress for Free Speech see my full article here or visit my friend Urban Infidel. For further education on Islamization visit Pamela Geller’s site along with Robert Spencer’s.

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