Left and Right Agree on Anti-Terror Method? FISA

Left and Right Agree on Anti-Terror Method? FISA

Today the Wall Street Journal notes what it calls “A Wiretapping Miracle”.  Amazingly, the 2008 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act amendments that were to expire at the end of 2012 were renewed with a bipartisan coalition and President Obama’s signature:

“[In the Senate] a broad bipartisan majority defeated multiple amendments from the civil liberties absolutists on the left and right…

The bill was then whistled through 73-23 and Mr. Obama signed it Sunday night with no public comment other than a one-sentence statement from the White House press secretary indicating that the bill had been signed.

This is a turnabout from 2007 and 2008, when letting U.S. spooks read al Qaeda emails or listen in on phone calls that passed through domestic switching networks supposedly spelled doom for the American Republic. Democrats spent years pretending that Mr. Bush’s eavesdropping program was “wrong” and “destructive,” as Attorney General Eric Holder put it at the time, lamenting that “I never thought I would see a President act in direct defiance of federal law.”

Maybe such [left-wing] amnesia is healthy, to the extent it reflects the emerging bipartisan consensus about how to protect the country from terrorists.” credit Wall Street Journal

LESSON OF THE DAY: It appears Democrats and left-wing loons can be taught when they are exposed to the very real terrorist danger confronting the United States. (see Benghazi)

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