“Left Rant Fever” Ted Nugent, Free Speech and the Left

“Left Rant Fever” Ted Nugent, Free Speech and the Left


We now know that the Secret Service has found no illegality in Ted Nugent’s statement that if President Obama is re-elected, “I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” As I stated here Wednesday, “Ted Nugent will NOT be prosecuted for anything by anyone as a result of this statement.” Uncle Ted’s rhetorical flourish was taken out of context from a 25 minute interview about issues of interest to Patriotic Americans.  The result was a left-wing propaganda video which went viral thanks to the intellectual shortcomings of our lefty adversaries.  Even that three minute video did NOT in fact contain any illegal speech.  Ted’s statement was free speech entirely protected by the First Amendment.

However, the greater issue is that the left presented Ted’s statement as being an illegal threat against the president because they disagree with Ted’s political views in general.  Demonize the messenger in an attempt to demonize the message.  Moreover, the mainstream media was all-too-quick in jumping onto the Anti-Ted bandwagon. I wonder how many of those talking heads and purported journalists actually listened to the FULL UNEDITED interview before commenting on that single isolated sentence.

Sadly, the NRA has elected to take the FULL UNEDITED video off their website.  This organization which claims to defend our 2nd amendment rights apparently doesn’t feel as strongly about Ted’s 1st Amendment rights.  The NRA folded like a cheap imported lawn chair.

I have found the FULL UNEDITED audio of that interview, it also runs about 25 minutes. The statement at issue is within the first six minutes. I watched the the whole video before it was removed by the NRA.  I have also listened the the audio that I found and find it to be a true, accurate and UNEDITED copy of the full interview.  I strongly recommend you all listen to the entire audio. (link below)  We must be ever vigilant against these left wing loons who would suppress our right to engage in political discourse.  God Bless the United States, God Bless our Troops and God Bless Ted Nugent.

Youtube link of the FULL audio [live 4/20/12 2:20 EST]

link to my 4/18/12 Ted Nugent video

Link to my 4/18/12 Nugent blogpost




5 thoughts on ““Left Rant Fever” Ted Nugent, Free Speech and the Left

  1. A man’s word used to be his bond. Since he’s not dead or in jail, Ted either needs to revise his statement, issue a retraction or an apology; how else will people ever trust conservatives at their word?

    • so, never let it be said I do NOT let intellectually challenged lefty trolls into my sandbox. Note how this silly person does NOT speak to the specific legal issue raised in the post and instead takes a shot at conservatives. THESE ARE THE KINDS OF FOLKS WE ARE UP AGAINST GANG!

      • So, Ted can make public statements, particularly against the President of the United States, without fear of consequence? Perhaps, we shouldn’t pay any attention to him, because he doesn’t mean it? Personally, I don’t put my HONOR or my WORD on the line without realizing I may have to back it up. Or maybe that’s an old fashioned notion.

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