Liberal Ideals Ignore Islamist Reality of Iran

Liberal Ideals Ignore Islamist Reality of Iran

avatarObama’s ignorance of the threat posed by Iran will result in nuclear annihilation.

What is the Obama Administration thinking when it negotiates, in good-faith only on the American side, with Iran over its purportedly peaceful nuclear enrichment program?  Obama’s aspirations for a nuclear agreement with Iran are driven by a desire to distract attention from domestic political concerns.  The interim agreement with Iran did absolutely nothing to advance long term American foreign policy interests.  If President Obama continues to appease Islamist Iran, our former friend Israel will be gone before Obama’s presidency expires.

At the core of Washington’s debate about Iran’s nuclear program is a confluence of naïveté and fear of another war in the Middle East.

It makes America’s foreign policy elite, which has never been a particularly God-fearing crowd, even more blind to the role of religion in Iran’s politics.

Even the president’s omnipresent desire to pivot the United States away from any region of conflict might not be enough to stop him from launching preemptive raids against the Islamic Republic’s nuclear sites.

No one in the Middle East, however, believes that Obama would strike.

The left-wing base of the Democratic party certainly doesn’t think the president will lead America into another war.

Much of Washington’s foreign-policy establishment, especially that residing in influential left-of-center think tanks, long ago conceded the bomb to Iran.

And for most on the left… containment has become a synonym for patient, peaceful engagement and American withdrawal.

President Obama’s heart and mind are, in all probability, in the same orbit as those of the nonproliferation crowd, who really liked nuclear nonproliferation so long as the United States was disarming and Washington didn’t have to go to war to stop a third-world country from going nuclear. Block quote excerpted from REUEL MARC GERECHT “Faith-Based Negotiations- When liberals meet mullahs” Weekly Standard 12/9/13

Iran’s so-called nuclear enrichment program has one objective, to obtain nuclear weapons in furtherance of the Jihadist agenda.  President Obama’s ignorance of the threat posed by Iran will result in nuclear annihilation on an unimaginable scale.  The liberal mindset of trying to instill peace, love and understanding in an Islamic regime will kill us all. – Grizzly Joe

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