Libs Seek to Amend 1st Amendment, Curtail Political Speech

Libs Seek to Amend 1st Amendment, Curtail Political Speech

avatarLeft wants Big Brother to regulate speech?

Just when you think American political discourse cannot get any more bizarre, the left now proposes to rewrite the 1st Amendment.  Those who literally suppress speech they disagree with (see “Condoleezza Rice rutgers commencement“) want the Government to regulate political speech:

The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision allowing unions and corporations to donate to independent political groups has driven liberals to such fits that they now want to amend the First Amendment. At a Senate Rules Committee meeting last week, New York Democrat Chuck Schumer announced a proposal to amend the Constitution to empower government to regulate political speech.

According to the text of the proposed revision to James Madison’s 1791 handiwork, sponsored by New Mexico Senator Tom Udall, the states and federal government would have the power to regulate the “raising and spending of money” through a wide range of means “to advance the fundamental principle of political equality for all.”

A Constitutional amendment requires a two-thirds vote of the House and Senate and ratification by 38 states, so it has scant chance of passing any time soon.

The larger story here is how far the American left is willing to go to cripple their political opponents. They’re even willing to write a giant loophole into America’s founding charter so Congress can limit political speech. The Tea Party’s concerns about eroding liberty turn out to be more accurate than even its most devoted partisans imagined. Block quote excerpted from Review & Outlook, “Rewriting the First Amendment” Wall Street Journal 5/7/14

Chuck “Humor” (credit Mark Levin) is at least pandering to his base with such a proposal.  However, the very notion that a sitting United States Senator would propose a rewrite of our Constitution is disturbing to say the least.  Does the left really want their dreaded nemesis “Big Brother” to regulate political speech?  It certainly looks that way. –Grizzly Joe

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