Loose Lips Sink Future CIA Operations

Loose Lips Sink Future CIA Operations

Remember “loose lips sink ships”? When I heard the early reporting of the latest “underwear bomb” plot being thwarted I naturally said “hooray for us!”  Then, as details of the CIA mole (or double agent?) infiltration began hitting the news, I asked “Why are we learning so much about the operational techniques used by the CIA in this specific operation?”  Why is the American government, through the conduit of our mainstream media, instructing Jihadist enemies on how to avoid CIA investigative techniques?  More to the point, can we use this investigative technique again? Obviously we can not.  Just as the Islamic “Jihadist/terrorist/extremist” learns from every mistake THEY make [see 1st World Trade Center attack], do they not also learn from every positive outcome we publicly achieve in the war on terror?

I smell a rat (other then the Jihadists) and I’m not the only one.  Representative Peter King (R- Long Island, N.Y.) said “So much has been leaked out that it’s putting lives at risk and putting the operation itself at risk.”  Professional CIA operatives would not leak this type of sensitive information. Any Jihadist moles within our own government would not leak this information, they could just pass it to their Jihadist cohorts and maintain their cover, yes? (Query: do I watch way too many spy movies?)  Be forewarned, I have become somewhat cynical about the state of United States politics.  That said, who would stand to gain from the release of this highly sensitive information, aside from the Jihadists themselves?  The one person benefitting from these leaks is President Obama who (coincidentally?) just launched his re-election campaign.  Politics at it’s very worst!

President Obama: “Hey, don’t look at the economy Bush left me that I can’t fix! Looky over here, the CIA, under my direction, kept an underwear bomb from getting any of my freedom loving American voters!  Oh, here’s exactly how I did it… By the way, don’t forget I got Osama bin Laden with a little help from my Navy Seals.  C’mon, wanna spike some footballs with me?”  

[BTW- That last paragraph is pure satire from a cynical writer- me.]

Naturally the leaks will never be traced back to President Obama, some lower level flunkies will take the fall if this matter is thoroughly investigated as it should be.  How unfortunate is it that the war against Jihadists is reduced by the Obama administration to just another cynical political chess-piece?  Despite President Obama’s declaration that “the war on terror is over” just a week ago, we are in a war against Islamic terrorists who have and will continue to kill us unless we kill them first.  Somebody please find the leaks and plug them, ok?  This situation simply can not be tolerated at a time of war.  American lives are at stake!

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