Mainstream Media’s #EpicFail on #Ferguson

Mainstream Media’s #EpicFail on #Ferguson

best blog USAMainstream media has moral obligation to dissemble the false narrative of Ferguson case

The main stream media fueled the flames of ignorance in its Ferguson coverage for months before the grand jury evidence was released to the public.  The mainstream media cannot be trusted to report facts that do not support a preconceived narrative:

[Richard Bradley, the editor in chief of Worth magazine asserts] that the journalistic fabrications that most often make it into print are those that “play into existing biases.” In the [Rolling Stone University of Virginia alleged gang-rape] case, he notes, those include biases against fraternities, men and the South—exactly the kinds of biases that led to the fabricated rape charges against the Duke lacrosse players in 2006.

Much the same could be said about other recent media sensations, Ferguson most of all. The killing of Michael Brown was many things, but for the media it was largely an opportunity to confirm an existing narrative, this one about trigger-happy cops, institutionalized racial disparities and the fate of young black men caught in between.

That narrative, also conforming to pre-existing biases, overwhelmed what ought to have been the only question worth answering: Was Darren Wilson justified in shooting Brown? If the media had stuck to answering that, the damage inflicted on the rest of Ferguson—not to mention all the squalid racial hucksterism that went with it—could have been avoided. UVA, Ferguson and Media Failure- Narratives and allegations are not facts, despite what the media would have us believe. BRET STEPHENS Wall Street Journal 12/2/14

At least one college determined that student’s may have been so adversely impacted by the mainstream media’s (false) Ferguson narrative that they elected to provide the students access to counseling:

Following the decision, in which a grand jury declined to indict Ferguson, Mo., Police Officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, [University of California-Irvine] sent a notice to students offering help with “healing, grieving and support” at the school’s counseling center.

“If they really wanted to have a teachable moment of understanding the facts of the case as they were presented to the grand jury, that would be one thing,” said Ward Connerly, who was a member of the University of California’s Board of Regents from 1993-2005. “But this isn’t about processing facts. It’s about processing the emotions of what you have been told about the case.” California school’s Ferguson ‘grief’ sessions blasted by former regent 12/1/14

The mainstream media has a moral obligation to dissemble the false narratives (lies) about the Ferguson case now that the evidence is out there for all to see. – Grizzly Joe

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