Mr. President, Call It “Terrorism”!

Mr. President, Call It “Terrorism”!

Will President Obama finally “get it” now that Islamic Jihadists have killed again on American soil?

Former United States Attorney General (’07-’09) Michael Mukasey has an excellent opinion piece in today’s Wall Street Journal wherein he discusses the greatest issue facing the Obama administration regarding Islamic Jihad, aside from the actual Jihadists themselves. (Block quote credit WSJ-Make No Mistake, It Was Jihad -Let’s hope the administration gets over its reluctance to recognize attacks on the U.S. for what they are. 4/21/2013)

There is also cause for concern in the president’s reluctance, soon after the Boston bombing, even to use the “t” word—terrorism—and in his vague musing on Friday about some unspecified agenda of the perpetrators, when by then there was no mystery: the agenda was jihad.

For five years we have heard, principally from those who wield executive power, of a claimed need to make fundamental changes in this country, to change the world’s—particularly the Muslim world’s—perception of us, to press “reset” buttons. We have heard not a word from those sources suggesting any need to understand and confront a totalitarian ideology that has existed since at least the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1920s.

The ideology has regarded the United States as its principal adversary since the late 1940s, when a Brotherhood principal, Sayid Qutb, visited this country and was aghast at what he saw as its decadence. The first World Trade Center bombing, in 1993, al Qaeda attacks on American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, on the USS Cole in 2000, the 9/11 attacks, and those in the dozen years since—all were fueled by Islamist hatred for the U.S. and its values.

Your humble blogger has written about “the continuing intransigence of the Obama Administration to publicly acknowledge the danger posed by the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood movement and like-minded Koranic literalists.  Further, Mrs. Clinton’s verbiage reflects the Obama Administration’s insistence that the “War on Terror” is over despite all evidence to the contrary.  Exhibit “A”- four Americans murdered in Benghazi.” The Core(anic) Problem with Obama’s Islamist Policy (OBS 1/24/13)

Will President Obama finally “get it” now that Islamic Jihadists have killed again on American soil?

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