#MSM Headlines Get AHEAD of #KaylaMueller Facts

#MSM Headlines Get AHEAD of #KaylaMueller Facts

best blog USAAs I write this, the incredibly moving Kayla Mueller “eulogy” has just concluded.  If this televised celebration of Kayla’s life does not awaken more people to the evil that is Islamic extremism, then all hope is lost.

That said, I am disappointed that at least two mainstream media outlets have allowed their headlines to get out ahead of the facts known at this time.  I can tell you that I saw these two headlines (screen grabs below) and clicked through to see what horrific facts had been revealed…  The headlines most assuredly were NOT supported by the attached reportage.  The grabs and my comments thereto speak for themselves.

Let us all continue to report on and learn about Islamic Extremism but let us use actual facts to expose the savagery many of us already know. – Grizzly Joe 

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