Mukasey- NSA Leak Helps Jihadists

Mukasey- NSA Leak Helps Jihadists

Every time we tell terrorists how we can detect them, we encourage them to find ways to avoid detection. – Michael B. Mukasey

NSA contractor Edward Snowden betrayed the trust put in him by the Unites States of America.  He violated the confidentiality terms of his employment.  He is a traitor deserving of a lengthy jail term.  To paraphrase Dana Perrino on “The Five” last night, I trust our Government to protect us better than 29 year-old high school drop-out Snowden.

In furtherance of my thesis, I give you excerpts from an excellent piece by former U.S. Attorney General (07-09) and former District Judge for the Southern District of New York (88-06) Michael B. Muskasey.  In light of all the media spun hysteria surrounding the NSA issue, it is useful to get a respected jurist’s take as to exactly what is going on here.  (block quote credit Michael B. Muskasey “Leaking Secrets Empowers Terrorists” Wall Street Journal 6/10/13)

[T]he U.S. government has been collecting data that disclose the fact, but not the content, of electronic communications within the country, as well as some content data outside the U.S. that does not focus on American citizens. Once again, the outrage of the left-right coalition is misdirected.

Regrettably, those best positioned to defend such surveillance programs are least likely to do so out of obvious security concerns.  As to the data culled within the U.S., the purpose is to permit analysts to map relationships between and among Islamist fanatics.

Once these relationships are disclosed, information can be developed that would allow a court to give permission to monitor the content of communications.

Because intelligence does not arrive in orderly chronological ranks, and getting useful data is an incremental process that often requires matching information gathered in the past with more current data, storing the information is essential.

Given the nature of the data being collected and the relatively small number and awful responsibility of those who do the collecting, the claims of pervasive spying, even if sincere, appear not merely exaggerated, but downright irrational.

Of course, many are motivated politically or ideologically to oppose robust intelligence-gathering aimed at fending off Islamist terrorism. Criticism from that quarter can be left to lie where it fell.

The Founders were practical men who understood the need for secrecy.

They also understood that the nation could not survive without preserving its secrets.

Real damage was done last week by Edward Snowden, who on Sunday claimed credit for leaking the secrets he learned while working for NSA contractors. Every time we tell terrorists how we can detect them, we encourage them to find ways to avoid detection.

Recall the president’s startling boast in May 2011 that Osama bin Laden’s hideout had yielded a trove of valuable intelligence, which alerted anyone who had dealt with bin Laden and thereby rendered much of that material useless.

If the current imbroglio opens an honest discussion of the legitimate need for secrecy in a fight against seventh-century primitives equipped with 21st-century technology, it may eventually prove to have been worth the cost, but I’m not laying down any bets.

Thus, the untenable “common ground” of the NSA brouhaha that unites intellectually challenged folks across the political spectrum has no basis in law and wholly ignores the damage the leak has done to our Counter Jihad efforts. By “Grizzly Joe”

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