Muslim Brotherhood Manifesto for the U.S.

Muslim Brotherhood Manifesto for the U.S.

In learning about the threat Islamization presents to the non-Muslim world one will find references to a document entitled “Muslim Brotherhood Manifesto for the United States”, “Muslim Brotherhood Manifesto” or variations thereof.  Your humble blogger decided it was time to actually read the document.  (It was not easy to find, many website links to it are outdated.)  So, here is the Muslim Brotherhood Manifesto in PDF hosted on  This is the actual document in the original Arabic followed by the English translation.

Authored by Mohamed Akram, The Manifesto came to light as the result of the U.S. Federal Criminal prosecution resulting in criminal convictions in November 2008 against the Holy Land Foundation and its leaders for providing material support to the notorious Hamas terrorist organization.  (See Holy Land Foundation and Leaders Convicted on Providing Material Support to Hamas Terrorist Organization)

Rather than give you my interpretation/impression of this document, I invite you to comment below.

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