Muslim Dogs Force Swedish Artist Lars Vilks to Hide

Muslim Dogs Force Swedish Artist Lars Vilks to Hide

Lars Vilks Mohammed dog cartoon pictureSwedish artist Lars Vilks, the renowned “Mohammed-as-Dog” cartoonist, lives under constant threat of death by Islam (the religion of peace?).  He has a fatwa on his life simply because some savage Muslims did not like his depiction of Mohammed.  These days, Mr. Vilks finds folks pushing him away thanks to their own cowardice, their fear of the Jihadists.  Thus, at least as to these cowards, the Jihadist terrorists have won.  On September 11, 2012, I was privileged to meet Mr. Vilks in New York City. (photo above)  I was proud to literally stand with Mr. Vilks and will happily do so again should the opportunity present itself. To his credit Mr. Vilks does not cower before the Jihadists.  However, he is forced to drastically change his life due to attempts on his life, most recently in Copenhagen in January of this year:

MALMO, Sweden (Reuters, 3/11/15) – His public appearances are cancelled, friends shy away and he is confined to a safehouse but Swedish artist Lars Vilks, twice targeted by Islamist assassins, says he has no regrets even though he feels that those who wish him dead are winning.

The 68-year-old sparked outrage among Muslims in 2007 with a drawing portraying the Prophet Mohammad as a dog. That led an al Qaeda-linked Iraqi group to place a $100,000 bounty on his head.

In February, he went into hiding after a radicalised Dane shot dead two people in Copenhagen at a free-speech event Vilks attended and at a synagogue.

Since then, lectures in Sweden have been cancelled, some of his friends have stopped seeing him, and neighbours have asked his landlord to evict him from his home even though the nearest one is a mile away.

“Artistic life, when you are examining and researching today’s world, is risky business,” he told Reuters at a secure location in central Malmo, flanked by three bodyguards.

Vilks has been given round-the-clock police protection and several would-be killers have been put in prison, including one called Jihad Jane. His attackers, he said, have already had great success in intimidating those around him.



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