Muslims Bombing Muslims in Nuclear Pakistan

Muslims Bombing Muslims in Nuclear Pakistan

AFDI adThis morning yet another report of Muslims killing Muslims, this time at a Pakistani Mosque.  Note well that Pakistan already has nuclear weapons while Iran (supposedly) does not.  If the Taliban manages to overthrow the Pakistani government they will have instant access to nuclear weapons. Against this backdrop of never ending Muslim on Muslim bloodshed, President Barack Obama asserts that the United States can reach a nuclear enrichment deal with the hard-line Islamic Republic of Iran that will make the whole world safer.  Rhetorical question: How can the infidel West trust Iran when Muslims can not even trust each other?

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – A bomb exploded outside a Bohra mosque after Friday prayers in the Pakistani financial hub of Karachi, wounding at least a dozen people, television said, the latest in a series of attacks on Muslim minorities.

Factions of the Pakistani Taliban, seeking to topple the government and establish strict Islamic rule in the nuclear-armed nation, have claimed attacks on minority Shi’ites in the past few weeks, but attacks on the Bohra community are rare.

The government has pledged to crack down on all militant groups, reintroduce the death penalty, set up military courts to speed convictions and widen its military campaign in lawless tribal areas.

Yet Pakistan’s religious minorities, among them Ahmadis, Christians and Hindus, say the government is doing little to stop discrimination and violence in the Sunni-majority country.

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