My First Anti-PC Article From 20 Years Ago!

My First Anti-PC Article From 20 Years Ago!

This article, by your humble blogger Grizzly Joe, was published 20 plus years ago in a law school newspaper.  Aside from the name changes, this is exactly as it appeared.

“I recently had the fortunate experience of witnessing the suppression of open debate here at [best law school ever] because a gentleman who was contributing to class discussion committed the dastardly crime of not being “Politically Correct.”

This historic event, which will surely be related to all potential applicants to this institution in the years to come as an example of that famous [best law school ever] encouragement of diversity, occurred while Professor [Smith] was using the sexual harassment charges against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas to illustrate a point in Evidence class.  This poor uninformed male classmate of mine, sexist beast that he is, had the nerve to say that sexual harassment is not a black and white issue (referring to what he believed was the gray line between what is and is not evidence of sexual harassment).

Thank God for all of us, we have a female in the class who knows how the universe is and how we should all think.  She had the soundness of mind, even in the face of this man’s horrendous statement which shocked everyone, to interrupt his class contribution and ask the all-important question: “have you ever been sexually harassed?”  Apparently, (and I say apparently because I am not one of the enlightened few whose thought patterns have been blessed with the “politically correct” stamp of approval) a male who has never been sexually harassed is not qualified to contribute his own thoughts and beliefs in an open class discussion when the topic of sexual harassment is in any way involved.

I thank the Good Lord this female had the foresight and quick thinking mind to put an immediate halt to my colleague’s contribution because of his politically incorrect way of thinking about sexual harassment against women, even though it was a very incidental topic in this particular discussion.  Her quick wit is to be all the more praised because this was one of those tortuous 9:00 a.m. classes designed to test the limits of human endurance.

To that female student I say “thank you, thank you for suppressing this man’s contribution to class, thereby saving all of us from the poisonous effect of his politically incorrect ramblings.”  I shudder to think about the twisted, evil person I may have become if I had heard everything he may have contributed to the class.  I just wish we had more of these blessed, all-knowing creatures in all our classes to help eliminate dangerous, irrelevant, immaterial discussion by uninformed individuals who are foolish enough to express their politically incorrect views.


What might I learn from this long-lost article?

1) Even at that “less mature” age, I had decent writing skills?

2) I still don’t buy into the “Politically Correct” mantra!

3) My sarcastic wit has not withered with age?

4) I need to ascertain why the heck I have 20 year-old articles lying about!

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