National Review on #CPAC2013 Exclusion of #GOProud

National Review on #CPAC2013 Exclusion of #GOProud


Interesting/inciteful op-ed from National Review’s “The Week” on the short-sighted exclusion of GOProud from CPAC2013. (block quote credit National Review 3/25/2013

The organizers of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) are of course entitled to advocate conservative causes as they see fit, including by controlling who is invited to participate in the conference.


Conservative opinion on the intersection of homosexuality and politics is not monolithic, and GOProud has participated in past conferences with no discernible ill effects.  Inviting GOProud to participate agin would not now, as it did not at earlier conferences, imply a CPAC endorsement of any particular policies regarding gays, but rather a commitment to represent the overlapping gamut of views inside the conservative movement.


…it could help move the intra-conservative conversation in productive new direction.  And that, as we understand it, is what CPAC is supposed to be about.

To be clear, OBS agrees that CPAC should welcome GOProud every year.

Moreover, your humble blogger posits that this same logic applies to CPAC’s “official” exclusion of counter-Jihadists Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, even though they were present in a last-minute CPAC panel from entitled “The Uninvited”.

After the spanking Republicans took in the last election, one would think CPAC should seek to broaden the base, no?

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