NATO: Russia Warming Up a New Cold War, or Worse

NATO: Russia Warming Up a New Cold War, or Worse

blog pic gj JPGWE can jump up and down yelling about how President Barack Obama’s erasable red-line diplomacy in Syria, and the world, is rendering American foreign policy a pathetic joke.  However, one must step back from the partisan bickering if only to see what direction the world may be going in regardless of who is to blame.  Witness the possibility that Russia may be warming up a new cold war, or worse, by provoking NATO:

BRUSSELS (AP) — NATO’s secretary-general on Tuesday rejected Moscow’s claim that its military incursion into alliance airspace over Turkey wasn’t intentional or important, saying there were two separate incidents and “the violation lasted for a long time.”

Stoltenberg added, “It doesn’t look like an accident, and we’ve seen two of them over the weekend.”

“It’s unacceptable to violate the airspace of another country,” [Jens] Stoltenberg told reporters. He said NATO is expressly worried that such acts by the Russians could have unforeseen consequences.

Stoltenberg spoke to reporters in advance of Thursday’s meeting of alliance defense ministers in Brussels, where actions of the Russian military in Syria and any measures NATO needs to take as a result will be among the leading topics.

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