Navy Yard- Obama Speaks as CAIR Stands Down?

Navy Yard- Obama Speaks as CAIR Stands Down?

Where should the President’s attention have been as the Navy Yard massacre unfolded?

Even as the Navy Yard massacre was at still an active crime scene, if not an actual crime–in-progress, there was President Obama giving what has generally been reported as a highly partisan speech on the economy.  One might forgive Obama personally for this transgression; he is after all from Chicago, which had the most homicides of any American city in 2012. Cite Washington Post 9/18/13 Heck, Chicago had 12 gun homicides just over the July 4th weekend. Cite ABC News7 Chicago 7/8/13 So one could overlook President Obama’s apparent “business-as-usual” attitude as the Navy Yard massacre was unfolding at a Federal facility less than 3 miles from the White House.  However your humble blogger must ask who the heck is advising the President on issues of public relations (ie. “how-will-this-look/sound”)?  To be fair, the President did offer his condolences to the victims before launching into the speech.  On the other hand, it is highly likely that none of the victims’ families had yet been notified, as the police were still looking for a possible second, and maybe third, “person of interest”.

Where should the President’s perceived attention have been while the massacre unfolded?  Could the president’s speech not have been delayed even one day?

Oddly enough, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group for which this writer has no affinity, elected to postpone the scheduled release of a report entitled “Legislating Fear: Islamophobia and its Impact in the United States 2011-2012”.**

“At this time of national tragedy, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and loved ones of those killed or wounded in today’s horrific attack,” said National Executive Director Nihad Awad. “We offer thanks to all those first responders who acted to protect and assist everyone in the area of the Navy Yard.”  Release of CAIR Islamophobia Report Delayed Due to D.C. Shootings Yahoo News 9/16/13

Wow! Great American Patriots these CAIR folks are, eh?  Yea, right.  Let’s face reality, CAIR dare not release a report on what THEY call “Islamophobia” until such time as Islamic radicalization can be ruled out as a factor in the Navy Yard massacre.  Even the mainstream media were thinking Islamic Jihad might be involved as evidenced by the fact of immediate reports that there was no known link to “terrorism” (the politically-correct code word for Islamic Jihad or Islamic radicalization these days).

No known link to terrorism?  At the time of the President’s speech we did not even have a clear picture yet as to what had happened, how many injuries there were, or even how many shooters were involved.  The media may have just as easily reported, with equal veracity, that this blog had no known connection to the shooting!

In conclusion, if CAIR elects to keep their falafel-holes shut during an emerging news story like the Navy Yard massacre, than Obama needs better advisors who are willing to stick their heads out the window to see which way the air is blowing during a crisis within shooting distance of the White House.

**I purposely do not link to CAIR, you can easily find their Islamist propaganda via your favorite search engine.   

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