NSA- Connecting the Dots for Our Safety

NSA- Connecting the Dots for Our Safety

We must not lose sight of the fact that more Americans are alive today thanks to the NSA metadata program.

“We the People” have known about the NSA metadata mining program since at least 2006.  Actually, that may not be entirely accurate.  The media has been reporting on the program since 2006; whether individuals took the time to educate themselves with those reports is another issue.  Your humble blogger has been writing about the program since American traitor Edward Snowden “leaked” what he thinks he knows about the program through Jihad-friendly reporter Glenn Greenwald. (links following this article)  Today we get a yet another excellent explanation of how the NSA metadata program protects “We, the People.”  (following block quote credit L. Gordon Crovitz “More Dots, Less Terrorism” Wall Street Journal 6/17/13)

Authorities are not tapping individual calls or reading emails—that requires a warrant from a judge. Instead, they are using new database technologies to monitor records of millions of phone and Internet communications. These metadata are used to identify suspicious correlations.

When data-mining turns up a suspicious pattern, authorities must then persuade a judge that there is “probable cause” of a crime in order to issue a warrant so that the content of communications can be accessed.

The alternative to allowing aggregate searching of communications is making life easier for terrorists.

Contrary to “whistleblowing” claims by [Edward] Snowden, these programs are legal and have been reported in the media since 2006. Amnesty International knew about them in 2008 when it filed a lawsuit seeking to stop them. It ultimately lost the case in February at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Even antiterrorism hawks are understandably frustrated by the country’s intelligence work. If the authorities are really monitoring intelligence intelligently, how could a 29-year-old NSA contractor use a thumb drive to walk off with the agency’s secrets? But that’s no reason to make government less effective by narrowing the scope of permitted surveillance.

“If you narrow, you narrow the dots, and that might be the dot that prevents the next Boston,” FBI Director Robert Mueller testified last week.

Collecting dots doesn’t kill anyone, but failing to collect and connect the dots already has.

The traitor Edward Snowden, through his enablers Glenn Greenwald and the mainstream media, has united government conspiracy theorists from across the political spectrum to oppose Constitutional Counter Jihad techniques.  We must not lose sight of the fact that more Americans are alive today thanks to the NSA metadata program.

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