NSA Phone Data-Mining is Legitimate Counter Jihad!

NSA Phone Data-Mining is Legitimate Counter Jihad!

The latest “Obama scandal” is no scandal at all.

OMG! Yet ANOTHER Obama scandal in the NSA phone data program?  No, not quite.  In fact, not even close.  The good folks at the Wall Street Journal “get it” just as the Counter Jihad community “gets it.”  (following block quote credit Opinion- “Thank You for Data-Mining”, Wall Street Journal 6/7/13)

Well, another day, another Washington furor. This one is over a National Security Agency phone data monitoring program, but unlike the other White House scandals there seems to be little here that is scandalous. The existence of the program was exposed years ago and such surveillance is a core part of the war on terror, if we can still use that term. [Occupy Bawl Street herby grants WSJ permission to use that term]

Someone leaked a classified three-page order from the special court established by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, to Glenn Greenwald of the Guardian newspaper, who is a committed anti-antiterror partisan. [OBS translation- he opposes all attempts to fight the Counter Jihad]

Such “telephony metadata” are records such as which number called which number and when, where the call was placed, its duration, etc. This does not include the content of the communications.

From what we know, the NSA runs algorithms over the call log database, searching for suspicious patterns over time.

A nongovernment analogue might be the credit card flags that freeze payment when, say, a New Yorker goes on a shopping spree in Phoenix.

Mike Rogers, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said Thursday that the program had helped disrupt a major domestic terror attack in recent years. [This is not to say that the program has not stopped multiple major attacks nor numerous minor attacks- OBS]

The critics nonetheless say the NSA program is a violation of privacy, or illegal, or unconstitutional, or all of the above.  [D]ata-mining is less intrusive on individuals than routine airport security. The data sweep is worth it if it prevents terror attacks that would lead politicians to endorse far greater harm to civil liberties.

The program was blessed by Congress in the Patriot Act… As for the Fourth Amendment’s ban on unreasonable searches, the Supreme Court has long held (Smith v. Maryland, 1979) that there is no legitimate expectation of privacy for phone records that are held by a third party, which can be seized without a warrant.

The real danger from this leak is the potential political overreaction. The NSA is collecting less information than appears on a monthly phone bill (no names)…

[Such] surveillance is more critical than ever to stopping terror attacks now that Mr. Obama has all but abolished extended interrogation and military detention and invited Congress to limit drone strikes.

There you have it friends!  The latest “Obama scandal” is no scandal at all.  At best, we now have a little more detail about what we already knew the NSA was doing.  On the other hand, Islamic Jihadists also have that additional information.  Your humble blogger submits that whoever leaked this information to that Jihadi supporter at the Guardian newspaper should be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  The leaker is simply another Bradley Manning a/k/a the WikiLeaks traitor.

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