NYPD Counter Terrorism Should be Model for U.S.A.

NYPD Counter Terrorism Should be Model for U.S.A.

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) and journalist Judith Miller opine that the Boston Marathon attack would not have happened on NYPD’s watch.

“If the Tsarnaev brothers had been living in New York, there never would have been a bombing…” – Journalist Judith Miller.   “That bombing should not have occurred… it would not have happened in New York…” – Rep. Peter King.  King and Miller speaking at “LIBERTY VS. SECURITY: What is the Right Post-9/11 Balance in America” in N.Y.C. 8/7/13 sponsored by ConcernedVeteransForAmerica.org, Manhattan-Institute.org, and WeeklyStandard.com. (OBS Vid 4:27)

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