NYPD Hatchet Attacker Not Us But… New Black Panther Party

NYPD Hatchet Attacker Not Us But… New Black Panther Party

avatarWhat kind of lowlife uses a jihadist attack upon Police Officers to promote the New Black Panther Party?

No surprise that a self-identified New Black Panther Party (NBPP) member has come out in defense of the mangy Islamist dog that launched a cowardly attack on two New York City Police Officers last week:

The Muslim extremist who attacked rookie cops with a hatchet last week was “a crusader seeking justice’’ — and more assaults will likely follow, the head of his local New Black Panther Party [emphasis added –OBS] warned.

“It probably won’t be the last [attack on police] because you have a lot of frustrated people out here,” Queens chapter leader Frank Sha Francois told The Post.

Francois said ax-wielding Zale Thompson wasn’t officially a member of his group, but he came to meetings and they talked about “police brutality” cases such as Eric Garner and Michael Brown. “Black Panther hails ax attack on cops” Priscilla DeGregory, Kevin Sheehan and Kirstan Conley NY POST

While Francois claims Thompson was not “officially a member” of the NBPP, the men were at least friendly enough to join each other on Facebook:

Moreover, it is worth noting that Francois was quick to denounce the police shooting of Thompson mere hours after Zale was killed while attacking the two Police Officers:

zale panther character reference

What kind of lowlife opportunist uses a cowardly jihadist attack upon New York City Police Officers to promote the New Black Panther Party and its twisted racist rhetoric?

Who is the New Black Panther Party?

Beyond the similar name, NBPP has absolutely no connection to the “original” Black Panther Party founded in the 1960s by the likes of Huey Newton, Et al. (If you are not familiar with the “original” group, Google it.) The “Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation” denounces the “new” group in no uncertain terms saying that they “denigrate the [original] Party’s name…” and that they have “fail[ed]to find its own legitimacy in the black community.” Moreover, the Newton Foundation implies that NBPP are “reactionary provocateurs”, “entertainers who would posture themselves before the media,” and, “a group of anti-Semites like the very Ku Klux Klan they allegedly oppose.” To be clear, “the Foundation denounces the usurpation of the [original] Black Panther Party name by this questionable band of self-appointed leaders.” New Black Panther Party- American Jihadists? Occupy Bawl Street 3/28/12


Roots of the New Black Panther Party

The New Black Panther Party was led by Khalid Muhammad in the late 1990s. Muhammad was one of Louis Farrakhan’s top lieutenants in the Nation of Islam and was known for his vicious tirades on Jews, homosexuals and Caucasians. He was actually ejected from the Nation of Islam by Farrakhan after a 1993 speech wherein he implored the murder of white South Africans. The leader of the New Black Panther Party was too extreme for Louis Farrakhan? Yikes! This gives us a clear indication of the true extremist NBPP mind-set and their likely Islamic-American Jihadist agenda. Id.

When we hear a racist opportunist praising an act of Islamic Jihad in America, we must go beyond the headlines to find out more about the ideology behind the words.  Merely hoping these savages will just go away is not going to work.  – Grizzly Joe

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