Obama Ain’t No ‘Honest Abe’

Obama Ain’t No ‘Honest Abe’

Why can’t Obama be honest?

There is much debate about President Obama not attending today’s 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.  The Administration isn’t even honest enough to offer the slimmest of explanations beyond this event not being on the President’s schedule.  America’s first president of color is sending a low level emissary, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, to commemorate The Great Emancipator’s speech.  One wonders if, given the domestic fighting over ObamaCare, the White House has decided it best that the President not try to attract any limelight from this historical commemoration.

If that’s the case, it would be the beginning of wisdom for this presidency.  Better late than never.

But, then, has there ever been a president who so completely over-salted his own brand as Barack Obama?

No, this has not been a president who has ever shied away from grandiose historical comparisons.

But now that has started to change. The president has been humbled; he’s pleading incompetence against charges of dishonesty; the media, mainstream as well as alternative, smell blood in the water.

All this will force even liberals to reappraise the Obama presidency.

Obama’s political trajectory, and reputation, are headed… from Candidate Cool to President Callow.

There is a common view that good policy and good rhetoric have little intrinsic connection. Not so. President Obama’s stupendously shallow rhetoric betrays a remarkably superficial mind. Superficial minds designed ObamaCare. Superficial minds are now astounded by its elementary failures, and will continue to be astounded by the failures to come. Block quote excerpted from Bret Stephens “From ‘Four Score’ to ‘Yes We Can!’” Wall Street Journal 11/19/13

Obama’s superficiality is what caused this writer to label him “the Billy Mays of Politics.”  Of course, it may well be that President Obama and his advisors never even considered attending the Gettysburg commemoration.  Given this administration’s missteps domestic and foreign, they may not have even realized the significance of this date prior to press inquiries.  Whatever the actual explanation, why can’t Obama be honest about it? – Grizzly Joe

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