Obama MIA- Iraq, Russia, Iran & Syria Fight ISIS

Obama MIA- Iraq, Russia, Iran & Syria Fight ISIS

blog pic gj JPGAs vague notions of American Exceptionalism grow ever foggier, Russia increases its grip on the Middle East. President Obama’s shortsighted withdrawal from the region left a power vacuum happily filled by Russia.  Obama crony Iran is now in bed with Russia, Iraq and Syria:

Iraq’s military said Sunday it has signed an intelligence and security cooperation deal with Russia, Iran and Syria to fight Islamic State, an agreement that strengthens ties between the four countries amid increasing Russian military involvement in conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

The four nations will “cooperate in collecting information about the terrorist Daesh group,” said Iraq’s Defense Ministry, using the Arabic acronym for the Sunni Muslim extremist group, which has since last summer controlled wide swaths of Iraq including Mosul, its second largest city.  It further compounds America’s declining influence in the Middle East, as Russia expands its military presence in the region, primarily in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. At the same time, the U.S.-led international coalition that has been striking Islamic State in Iraq and Syria from the air since last fall is grappling with a series of high-profile setbacks.

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