Obama: Romney “All Over the Map” While I “Evolve”

Obama: Romney “All Over the Map” While I “Evolve”

Many folks with far greater intellect then mine are discussing the third and final debate (YAY!) of the 2012 Presidential Election Campaign.  It truly bothers your humble blogger that the President says things that make for great sound bites but are clearly aimed at those who don’t really know what is happening to our once great country.  Let us call those folks the lowest common dominator; they no doubt include Obama supporters, folks who never heard of Benghazi-Gate and voters who will still be “undecided” until they enter the voting booth and flip a coin.

Obama alleged on more than one occasion during the debate that Romney has been all over the map on various foreign policy points from at least the early days of the Republican Primary right up through last night’s debate.  No doubt Stephanie “Liar-Liar-Pants-On-Fire” Cutter and her compatriots in the mainstream media have been busy parsing past Romney statements and speeches to make the true facts fit the fictional Obama narrative of “Romney’s all over the map.”   Keep in mind that this is the same President who seems to change his Benghazi “facts” as often as I brush my teeth (at least 3 times a day!).

Let us assume arguendo that Romney has had some conflicting positions on foreign policy.  I do not concede the point, I’m just saying this to further my thesis.  If Romney has changed some nuanced portions of his foreign policy positions throughout this run to the White House, so what?  One would suspect that Romney has been learning a great deal about American foreign policy, especially after he cleared the American Gladiator-like primaries.

Now, recall that when Obama “came out” for gay marriage he said his position had “evolved”.  Obama’s major policy shift on gay marriage was merely an “evolution”, presumably a politically correct way to communicate a significant policy change.  (Perhaps I’ll discuss “policy change” and vote pandering another day?)

So, if Romney has adjusted some finer points of his various foreign policy positions why is that described as being “all over the map” political shenanigans but not an acceptable politically correct “evolution”?

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