Obama vs. Iran- Guess Who Will Win?

Obama vs. Iran- Guess Who Will Win?

Separating propaganda, hype and disinformation from Iran’s real objectives is critical.- John Bolton

President Obama’s Foreign Policy Doctrine of “stumble around, and carry a wet noodle” continues unabated.  After threatening Syria with a pinprick attack for crossing the redline he never drew, Obama now invites Iran to join him at the negotiation table to talk nukes.  Why does Obama not understand that Iran’s President Rouhani is just another Islamic terrorist?

[L]ast week at the United Nations President Obama embarked on a campaign for “progress” with Iran that will prove much more dangerous for American interests.

Separating propaganda, hype and disinformation from Iran’s real objectives is critical.

President Rouhani knows what his Western audience wants to hear. As Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator in 2003-05, he followed the same playbook, and it worked. By offering what appeared to be concessions, Iran acquired precious time and legitimacy to overcome scientific and technical glitches in its nuclear-weapons program, particularly at Isfahan’s uranium-conversion facility.

In marked contrast, Mr. Obama enters negotiations gravely weakened by his Syria failures.

Mr. Rouhani’s strategy is clear: Lower the rhetorical temperature about the nuclear issue; make temporary, cosmetic concessions, such as allowing inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency at already-declared nuclear sites; and gain Western acceptance of its “reactor-grade” uranium enrichment. Once that goal is attained, Iran’s path to nuclear weapons will be unobstructed and within Tehran’s discretion.

In time, even Hamlet came to understand that “one may smile, and smile, and be a villain.” Maybe one day President Obama will figure it out. Block quote credit John Bolton How “Rouhani Is Playing Obama” Wall Street Journal 9/30/13

Just when we though Obama’s foreign policy ineptitude could get no worse, he proves us wrong (again).  Will Obama ever recognize that foreign policy negotiations require those on the other side of the table to fear a militaristic baseball bat smack to the side of the head? –Grizzly Joe

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