Obamacare as Wealth Redistribution

Obamacare as Wealth Redistribution

Will Obamacare follow Prohibition into the dust bin of laws that hurt America?

There is little debate that Obamian Democrats are on a socialist mission to redistribute American wealth.  Now, through Obamacare, they seek to reallocate the economic impact of varying gender and age on health care costs.  Obamacare furthers the left-wing socialist agenda to impose economic equality on all American citizens.  Those who have traditionally paid less for health care will shoulder the burden of paying higher rates so that those who require more health care can pay less than they did in the absence of Obamacare.

The average 27-year-old man buying health insurance on the [Affordable Care Act] exchanges can expect to pay almost double what he had been paying before; the average woman of the same age, 62 percent.

The difference between the increase in men’s rates and those in women’s rates is one of the more naked bits of ideology apparent in the bill.  Women spend considerably more on health care then men do, and hence have paid higher health-insurance premiums.  The architects of the ACA decided that this was not politically permissible, and so by fiat eliminated the difference, meaning a disproportionate increase in men’s rates.  Likewise, because there can be only so much politically acceptable difference in prices paid by the young and the old, the young will pay much higher rates than they did before.  The cost curve has indeed been bent- upward.

The entire structure of the ACA is dependent on the elevation of political considerations over reality.  Block quote credit The Week “Obamacare- Defund, Delay, or Repeal” National Review (p. 13) 10/28/13

Yes, for now Obamacare is the law of the land.  The long-term issue for America is whether Obamacare will one day follow Prohibition into the dust bin of laws that hurt America under the guise of doing good.  That sound you hear is the rumble of Generation X awakening to the error of voting for a metaphorical pick-pocket called “Hope and Change.” –Grizzly Joe

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