Obamacare Defund Try Deflates GOP

Obamacare Defund Try Deflates GOP

Can the Republican Party regain the strength to get Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty back in shape?

The Republican Party, which hasn’t exactly been in peak fighting condition these past years, was grievously wounded in the “defund Obamacare” wrestling match wherein the opponent won without even showing up.  Sure, like any professional wrestler, the Republicans made a lot of noise and gained a significant “whoot-whoot” of approval from their fans.  Nevertheless, President Obama refused to enter the ring, despite the Government shutdown, and the Republicans emerged from that empty ring beaten to a pulp.

The Republican Party is in a disorderly retreat from its own Valley of Death, having been led there by Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, flanked by drummers Heritage Action, FreedomWorks, Senate Conservatives Fund, and Club for Growth. Their cause was just, their charge courageous. And it was utterly suicidal.

The defunders managed one thing: to turn the Republican Party upon itself. Millions of frustrated conservatives who were told this fight was winnable are now furious at Republicans for not doing the impossible. This fury risks undermining what is in fact the GOP’s best shot at taking down ObamaCare: winning next year’s midterm elections.

The Americans who supported the defund mission did so for the right reasons. They are correct that the law is a disaster, and that GOP leadership lacked a coherent plan to counter it this summer. They are correct that the House has every “right” to control the purse. They are correct that the party is too often rudderless, that it has lacked a vision, that it needs some bold figures willing to define a modern (which doesn’t mean populist) conservatism. Block quote credit Kimberley A. Strassel “The Charge of the Defund Brigade” Wall Street Journal 10/18/13

Given the damage the Obama Administration has inflicted on our once-great nation, does the Republican Party have any hope of regaining the strength to get Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty back in shape? – Grizzly Joe

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