ObamaCare Roll-Out Reveals the Con

ObamaCare Roll-Out Reveals the Con

The upside to the ObamaCare website failure is that the resulting reportage is dissecting how the law impacts Joe and Jane Six-Pack.

Yesterday President Obama gave an infomercial disguised as a speech still trying to sell a product, ObamaCare, most consumers do not want and, aside from the fact that it is currently the law of the land, most consumers would not purchase under any circumstances.  Thusly the President retains his title of “The Billy Mays of Politics”.

“More than a website” is the latest defense of the Affordable Care Act’s painful rollout, and liberals are partly right. ObamaCare has larger ambitions than the basket case called Healthcare.gov and the 36 federally run insurance exchanges.

The consequences of this mismanagement go beyond the technical.

The danger is that those who manage to enroll will mainly be the most expensive patients. Younger and healthier patients who don’t need ObamaCare will have to cross-subsidize the sick and old or else the premiums won’t cover the cost of claims.

Insurance companies are also already sending out notices to millions of consumers cancelling individual policies because they are non-compliant with ObamaCare’s new mandates.

Remember when Mr. Obama said you could keep your policy if you liked it?

But the exchanges fiasco is revealing the larger truth that ObamaCare’s claim to technocratic expertise was always a political con.  [I]t was all a veneer for ObamaCare’s real goal, which is to centralize political control over health care.

The actual results will always matter less to liberals than their good intentions and expanding the reach of government… that’s what should really scare the public. Block quote credit Review & Outlook “1-800-ObamaCare-Denial” Wall Street Journal 10/22/13

The upside to the ObamaCare website failure is that the resulting reportage is dissecting how ObamaCare impacts Joe and Jane Six-Pack.  Nevertheless, would Americans have expected the pre-Obamian Federal Government to have the expertise to roll-out an important website absent major glitches? Yes.  Should Americans have expected the Obama Administration to have the expertise to roll-out the same website without any major glitches? No.   Short-term website issues aside, how long will it take for Obamacare to follow Prohibition into the dust bin of laws that hurt America? – Grizzly Joe

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