Obama’s Foreign Failures Intentional?

Obama’s Foreign Failures Intentional?

The United States’ stature as a world power has been intentionally diminished by Obama’s actions, or lack thereof, driven by his deeply held ideology. 

I have said, like so many others, that purported community organizer Obama seems to be out of his element in matters of foreign policy.  However, the legendary Norman Podhoretz opines that Obama’s apparent stumbling on the world stage is very much a choreographed act.  Mr. Podhoretz makes a compelling and cogent argument that the United States’ stature as a world power has been intentionally diminished by Obama’s actions, or lack thereof, driven by his deeply held ideology.  Block quote excerpted from Norman Podhertz, “Obama’s Successful Foreign Failures” Wall Street Journal 10/9/13

[Obama’s] foreign policy, far from a dismal failure, is a brilliant success as measured by what he intended all along to accomplish.

The key to understanding what Mr. Obama has pulled off is the astonishing statement he made in the week before being elected president: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

So far as domestic affairs were concerned, it soon became clear… that the fundamental transformation he had in mind was to turn this country into as close a replica of the social-democratic countries of Europe as the constraints of our political system allowed.

But foreign policy was another matter. As a left-wing radical, Mr. Obama believed that the United States had almost always been a retrograde and destructive force in world affairs. Accordingly, the fundamental transformation he wished to achieve here was to reduce the country’s power and influence.

This he did by camouflaging his retreats from the responsibilities bred by foreign entanglements as a new form of “engagement.”

The consequent erosion of American power was going very nicely when the unfortunately named Arab Spring presented the president with several juicy opportunities to speed up the process. First in Egypt, his incoherent moves resulted in a complete loss of American influence, and now, thanks to his handling of the Syrian crisis, he is bringing about a greater diminution of American power than he probably envisaged even in his wildest radical dreams.

The problem for Mr. Obama is that at least since the end of World War II, Americans have taken pride in being No. 1.

And so we can only pray that the hole he will go on digging will not be too deep for his successor to pull us out, as Ronald Reagan managed to do when he followed a president into the White House whom Mr. Obama so uncannily resembles.

It is shocking how Mr. Podhertz so easily summarizes and explains that everything Obama has done to our great country that hasn’t made sense, makes perfect sense from Obama’s twisted theological perspective.  An interesting exercise one of these days would be to go back and watch 2016 Obama’s America again to refresh the prism through which we should view President Obama’s actions. By Grizzly Joe    

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