Obama’s Gitmo Shuffle

Obama’s Gitmo Shuffle

It is amusing how the president manages to rhetorically dance his way around this campaign promise.

During his first campaign, candidate Obama promised that he would close the Guantanamo military prison holding Islamic terrorists without trial or charges.  (Does the Associated Press style book require one to say “purported Islamic terrorists”?)  Your humble blogger does not care that these Jihadists are being held indefinitely, not at all.  However, Obama’s inaction on this specific campaign promise to his lefty base provides additional insight into his enigmatic “Hope and Change” dance routine.  (following block quote credit Martha Rayner “Obama’s Prisoners at Guantanamo” Wall Street Journal 5/8/13)

Within days of his first inauguration, Mr. Obama ordered the closure of Guantanamo within one year, so the wrongs of one president were soon to be righted by the next.

But this is no longer true. President Obama has never owned up to his role as jailer. He has viewed Guantanamo as a problem he did not create or ever support; he inherited the problem, it was thrust upon him.

…he has never acknowledged Guantanamo as truly his problem and his responsibility.

Despite his clear authority in this matter, the president cannot seem to accept or acknowledge that he has the power to end indefinite detention without trial.

At the same time that he cast blame on Congress, Mr. Obama distanced himself from responsibility. Referring to the internment of the prisoners, he asked: “Why are we doing this?”—as if it is someone else, not he, who keeps the men at Guantanamo locked up.

…every day Mr. Obama fails to start the transfer process is another day that he affirmatively decides to keep these men locked up.

So when the president blames Congress, takes no responsibility for keeping Guantanamo open, and offers tepid claims that he will see what he can do, it means only more of the same for the prisoners.

To be clear, I do not care if every single prisoner at Gitmo dies there of old-age or the result of a hunger strike.  They are all there as a result, directly or indirectly, of their fellow Jihadists’ attack on September 11, 2001.  It is amusing how the president manages to rhetorically dance his way around this campaign promise.  It was merely a campaign promise to the base to secure his election.   One wonders if he was ever serious about closing Gitmo? by “Grizzly Joe”

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