Obama’s Management Style Lacks Management and Style

Obama’s Management Style Lacks Management and Style

Inspirational teleprompter oratory does not make for a good President.

One may be forgiven if it seems like Barack Obama has been president for an eternity.  While he promised hope and change, Lady Liberty anxiously awaits the hope and change that will come with the next President, be they Democrat or Republican.  It took the Obamanation 😉 that is ObamaCare for the folks who voted Obama into office (many twice!) to realize that inspirational teleprompter oratory do not make for a good, even middling, President.  Now socialist Obama uses the capitalist success of Amazon in his rhetorical shenanigans as he tries to keep the Affordable Care Act afloat.

For an “Amazon-like” experience, it isn’t enough to have a website that functions [front to back].

You also need an Amazon-like culture, which is the product of other Amazon-like realities. Such as: Jeff Bezos as the boss, demanding results and innovation from his employees, providing results and satisfaction for his customers and shareholders.

So how does Barack Obama’s management style measure up to Mr. Bezos’s? Let’s compare:

• Embracing the truth: Mr. Bezos “embraces the truth”… [see Benghazi- OBS]

• Sweating the details: “Bezos paid a lot of attention to the flow of the checkout process and the warehouse order processing software,” [see Obama’s many golf outings- OBS]

• Real-time accountability: [has Obama fired anyone for anything?? ObamaCare, Benghazi, et al. -OBS]

• Searching, not planning: The development expert William Easterly makes a useful distinction between “planners” and “searchers”: The former come to a task with preset ideas about what should work, and then they go about implementing the plan. Searchers, by contrast, spend their time figuring out through trial-and-error what does work.

Amazon succeeds because it searches.

By contrast, the Affordable Care Act is the brainchild of planners, the people who always think they know best—and are always the most shocked when it turns out they don’t. (block quote excerpted from Bret Stephens “Obama and the ‘Amazon Experience’” Wall Street Journal 12/3/13)

In this analysis, the term “planners” may be used interchangeably with Democrats/liberals/socialists/ and/or progressives.  They all must be held accountable, especially Obama, for the failed promise of Hope and Change. – Grizzly Joe

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