Obama’s Nonexistent Foreign Policy

Obama’s Nonexistent Foreign Policy

An elementary school’s “Mock United Nations” project would do a far better job with United States foreign policy then Obama.

President Obama’s “foreign policy”, for lack of a better term, has been a thorn in your humble blogger’s side for quite some time.  I have asked “In light of Obama’s Alfred E. Neuman “What, me worry about Islamic extremism?” head-in-the-sand approach to U.S. Foreign policy, can “We the People…” survive the remainder of Obama’s presidency?” OBS 2/25/13  I have also noted that  “Obama’s red-line against Syrian chemical weapons use was less of a threat to Syria than a child’s rainy-day chalk mark on a sidewalk.” OBS 4/29/13  In short, I submit that an elementary school’s “Mock United Nations” project would do a far better job with United States foreign policy then Obama.

‘Does America Need a Foreign Policy?” is the name of a book by Henry Kissinger published a few months before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

It anticipated Barack Obama and the America for which he stands.

A growing number of Americans, conservatives too, have concluded that the lesson of the past decade is that, since the U.S. can’t do it all, the wisest, most moral, and most self-interested course is to do nothing.

Hence the importance of the Kissinger question.

“The post-Cold War generation of American leaders (whether graduated from the protest movements or the business schools) finds it possible to imagine that foreign policy is either economic policy or consists of instructing the rest of the world in American virtues,” Mr. Kissinger noted in the book. Had he known about Mr. Obama back then, he might have added personal charisma to the list of foreign-policy substitutes.

America’s problems with Russia, Iran and the Arab world have all become inarguably worse since Mr. Obama came to office. That’s because, following the failure of the administration’s initial analysis, it had no policy.

Let’s face it: America in the age of Obama does not have a foreign policy.

“Does America Need a Foreign Policy?” The question seems odd only because not many people besides Henry Kissinger, nearly 90, can recall that the U.S. has attempted to do without one before—and recall also how the previous attempt ended in September of 1939. (block quote credit Bret Stephens “The Kissinger Question” Wall Street Journal 4/14/13)

Once again, I find Mr. Stephens elucidates my Obama frustrations.  One can never go wrong reading him in the Wall Street Journal.

Show of hands now, don’t be shy, who among you actually re-elected Obama? (Full Disclosure- that last line is recycled from OBS 4/1/13) by “Grizzly Joe”

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