Obama’s Unconstitutional Collectivism

Obama’s Unconstitutional Collectivism

Witness Obama’s ignorance of the Constitution as he continues down the yellow brick road of “Hope and Change” to the United States of You-Didn’t-Build-It.

The United States is now well into President Obama’s attempt to remold our once great country into a socialist collective powered by wealth redistribution, government intervention and the suppression of individual achievement.  Witness President Obama’s ignorance of the Constitution as he continues down the yellow brick road of “Hope and Change” to the United States of You-Didn’t-Build-It. (following block quote credit Roger Pilon “Graduates, Your Ambition is the Problem- Obama’s commencement speech at Ohio State on Sunday would have perplexed the Founders” WSJ 5/8/13)

Civic education in America took a hit on Sunday when President Obama, giving the commencement address at The Ohio State University, chose citizenship as his theme. The country’s Founders trusted citizens with “awesome authority,” he told the assembled graduates. Really?

Actually, the Founders distrusted us, at least in our collective capacity. That’s why they wrote a Constitution that set clear limits on what we, as citizens, could do through government.

Realistically, the country is a community of individuals and private institutions, including the family, with their own interests, bound not by mutual love but by the political principles that are set forth in the Constitution, a document that secures and celebrates the freedom to pursue those interests, varied as they might be.

…he next counseled the graduates against the “voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that’s the root of all our problems, even as they do their best to gum up the works.”

The opponents that the president disparages are the same folks who tried to save the country from one of the biggest pieces of gum now in the works: Mr. Obama’s own health-care insurance program, which today is filling many of its backers with dread as it moves toward full implementation in a matter of months.

None of that darkens Mr. Obama’s sunny view of collective effort.

A more inspiring message might have urged graduates not to reject their own country, where for two centuries far more than a lucky few have prospered under limited constitutional government—and even more would today if that form of government were restored.

With each passing day of the Obama Administration, we must be all the more vigilant and fight to maintain the strength of our Country within the Constitutional framework granted us by the Founders.  No doubt Obama has greatly damaged our country, at home and abroad, with his inane collectivism and Executive Branch overreach.   Nevertheless, your humble blogger submits that as long as we Patriots have a breath left in us, we will one day restore our country to its former glory by repairing the damage Obama has wrought. By “Grizzly Joe”

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