OBS Blog Marks 1 Year Anniversary!!

OBS Blog Marks 1 Year Anniversary!!

Tomorrow (1/23/13) marks one year since my first blog post went “live” (Occupiers are Morons Pt. 1).

You may note from my blog name that Occupy may have had something to do with my entering the blogosphere (my first post may also be a clue?).  To say early Occupy aggravated me is an understatement.  Sadly, I found yelling at the television news reports of the Occu-idiots just didn’t help much…  Throwing things at the television also didn’t help, and replacing the broken televisions began to lighten my wallet…  Thusly was born my very own virtual soapbox with the help of more than a few “Dummies” books. (Still wish there were CliffNotes for Dummies books, but what can ya do?)  Yes, my blog name is highly sarcastic and meant to poke fun at the Occupy “give-me, give-me” movement.

But mocking Occupy could only take me so far, so within that first month I took a shot at channeling my well-tuned sense of sarcasm into a parody piece entitled “Obama on Disney ‘Song of the South’ DVD Release??”. Much to my chagrin, and despite all that I have done since, this single piece drives the most “blind” search engine traffic to my blog from folks like myself who would like to see “Song” released by Disney (C’mon Disney! Take food away from the bootleggers!). 🙂

Well, within the first month I also found my true calling, writing about “Counter Jihad”.  But what the heck did I know about Counter Jihad?  I chose to watch a documentary DVD and from that sprang my first Counter Jihad post “Islam What the West Needs to Know” (DVD review).  That would be followed by many Counter Jihad articles such as “NYPD Surveillance of Muslims is GOOD!!” as well as books reviews like “The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran (Book Review)”.  My early writings on this subject would became a series of articles (Islamic Jihad 101- A Patriot’s Introduction) essentially allowing others who might be curious to get a quick grasp of why I find Counter Jihad is so important.

This past year I’ve had the privilege to meet numerous international figures in the Counter Jihad (see Stop Islamization of Nations World Congress for Free Speech).  I’ve also met Newt and Callista Gingrich (EXCLUSIVE: Newt Gingrich How to be a Good American) as well as Col. Oliver North (EXCLUSIVE Oliver North How to Win the Counter Jihad).  The Oliver North post is my all-time favorite thus far.  The most important lesson learned in the interval between meeting Speaker Gingrich and Col. North?  Better-looking videos can best be achieved with a TRIPOD!!

One year later I’m having a ball with this blog, a most intellectually rewarding endeavor.  I’m having more fun doing this now then I even imagined I would; trying to write a single “essay” Monday through Friday (when there are no sick kids or school vacations or power outages or a new movie release I simply have to see!!) is a great way to clear the cobwebs from one’s head.  Learning “stuff” and sharing what I’ve learned via this blog is an honor and a privilege.  Scouring the ‘net for interesting news to comment on and share with my Tweeps has broadened my knowledge of what the heck is going on in this crazy world.

Do I wish I’d written far more posts this past year? Certainly- but the one concept that rules my life is “family first, all else second…”.

I’ve met some fantastic people on Twitter this past year (plus I’ve exterminated a good many trolls and “occupied” their bridges!).  About two weeks ago I started a Facebook page for my blog…  to be continued in one year??

UPDATE- 9/27/2013: closed the original Facebook page,  hoping to get a Facebook “LIKE” page going one of these months.

Thanks for stopping by, check out my “stuff”, and please join me on Twitter or Facebook, or both!

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