OBS Finally Hits Jihadist Radar- Where’s My Fatwa?

OBS Finally Hits Jihadist Radar- Where’s My Fatwa?

Today I happened to do a Yahoo search for “occupybawlstreet newt” to take a quick look at one of my posts.  Sixth search down was a site entitled “Unpunished Islamophobic neo-nazim of radical non-muslim” (sic).  Naturally my curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on the site although I do NOT advise anyone to do the same. (WARNING- MANY POP-UPS ON SITE)  The site has numerous videos including one I had done as a video post with Newt Gingrich entitled EXCLUSIVE: Gingrich on Benghazi, Petreaus and Radical Islam. (Listen, it was my very first video event so cut me some slack, I subsequently got a tripod…  For instance, see my much better EXCLUSIVE Oliver North How to Win the Counter Jihad.) 

In any event, the “Unpunished Islamophobic” (sic) site appears to be Pro-Jihadist or at least Pro-Islamist (I know, I may be splitting hairs by saying “either or” but I do like to be careful with my Counter Jihad verbiage).  Some of the text may be French and the site seems to be very sympathetic to the Islamic presence in France.  I did not actually view any of the videos because I have no way of knowing if their host is “safe” for my computer; they do not appear to be hosted on YouTube.  Here is the (cropped) screen grab:

Why am I sharing my find with you?  Merely because I am VERY proud of the fact that my Counter Jihad endeavors are starting to be found by THE ENEMY!!  I mean, it’s about time. But c’mon, what do I have  to do to get an actual fatwa issued against me??  THEN I’ll know I’m having an impact!  No, jihadist dogs do not scare me. 😉

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Yep, I tossed in this “savage” ad below just to pour salt in their wounds.

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  1. It’s funny when they define us with a name that implies we fear Islam. We don’t fear Islam. We’ve studied it and are disgusted by it. Stay strong.

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