Occu-Idiot Bill de Blasio to Ruin New York City

Occu-Idiot Bill de Blasio to Ruin New York City

Note to the good citizens of New York City: get out now before it’s too late.

This blog is about as anti-Occupy as one can get; the mere name of the blog should make that much clear.  Thus, your humble blogger will acknowledge perhaps some bias towards anything even remotely resembling Occupy “theology”.  Enter Democratic New York City Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio.   I have previously blogged about de Blasio’s Sandinista ties, and how he will castrate the NYPD by dismantling counter-terrorism operations.   Recall the insanity that reigned when the Occupy Movement took up residence at Zuccotti Park in Downtown Manhattan.  Now imagine that ideological/social/cultural depravity contaminating all of Manhattan and then multiply that by five, the number of counties in New York City.  It ain’t just Manhattan folks!

New York voters are about to elect the Occupy movement to run America’s largest city.

Bill de Blasio, the Democratic nominee, is leading Republican Joe Lhota by more than 40 points.  The Big Apple is on the verge of electing a man whose explicit agenda is the repudiation of the conservative reforms achieved by a generation of city leaders from both parties, which transformed New York from a terrifying urban joke into the nation’s municipal crown jewel.

Mr. de Blasio’s agenda threatens that achievement, and before next Tuesday’s vote any serious New Yorker, Democrat or Republican, should understand what his intentions are.

In the 1980s he romanced the revolutionary Marxism of Nicaragua’s Sandinistas, Castro’s communism and even Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Even now he praises their idealism, including that hoariest of clichés that Cuba has a model health-care system.

Mr. de Blasio purports that he can run the most complex city in the U.S. guided by a wish list that would make Al Sharpton blush to propose it.  You know you’re out on a limb when you’re counting on Albany for rational governance. New Yorkers are resilient, and if they elect Bill de Blasio the odds are they will have to be. Block quote excerpted from Review & Outlook “Occupy City Hall” Wall Street Journal 10/29/13

Recall the 1981 movie “Escape from New York” with Kurt Russell as “Snake Plisken”?  The New York City illustrated in that movie (actually the single county of Manhattan Island) reminds one of a single huge Occupy encampment, thankfully walled in and separated from the rest of civilization.  Surely New York City will not descend into that fictional abyss the day de Blasio is elected but, without a doubt, that is the direction de Blasio will steer the Big Apple.  Note to the good citizens of New York City: get out now before it’s too late. – Grizzly Joe

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