Occupy Elections?

Occupy Elections?


As surely as crocuses emerge following winter’s chill, Occupy stupidity was on display once again this past weekend in Manhattan’s Zucotti Park where it all started. Some “Occupiers” claimed they were there to mark the six-month birthday of the Occupy movement. However, it also happened to be St. Patty’s day AND an unseasonably warm day in New York City. I’ll leave it to you as to whether these folks were actually there to celebrate the birth of the so-called movement or whether the bulk of them were simply drunken St. Patty’s day celebrants drawn to the beating of the drums and the pungent aroma of marijuana smoke.

This is not the first time I have written about the Occupy movement. To be clear, I do not support Occupy in any way shape or form (I do capitalize “Occupy” only as a courtesy to the very small percentage of Occupiers who actually believe the monstrous studpidity of the movement might do some good). However I should clarify some of my earlier writings at this point. In the past, I have labeled Occupiers “idiots/nitwits/bums”. My thinking then evolved (emphasis added 5/21/12- Did Oby plagarize OBS re; his gay evolution?? ha!) somewhat to where I considered Occupy as “99% nitwits, 1% misinformed”. I still believe that they are 99% nitwits. However, I have been able to engage a select few of the 1% in civil discourse via the various social media. Indeed, some of my friends, generally very intelligent and good-hearted folks, are Occupy supporters. I know know that approximately 1% of my “Occupy 1%” are reasonably intelligent people who honestly want to change the world. Sadly, they believe they can actually have an impact if they are able to focus the desires of the Occupy wolf-pack and focus the pack’s energies on some vague wealth redistribution goal.

Now the “real” Occupy movement has not actively participated in the political process aside from staging the occasional silly protest at political events (“mic checks” and all that…). As I understand it Occupy’s participation in the political process violates some core principle of the Occupy movement; something to do with the anarchist element of Occupy. At least one purported Occupy spokesperson (an oxymoron in itself?) has said that Occupy rejects the American political system as a broken system that needs to be dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up. (Seriously, can ya imagine the good that would result if all these Occupiers instead volunteered their time with Habitat for Humanity?)

Now come reports from Mother Jones Magazine that there are at least 10 people across the country running for federal House/Senate seats who are at best honestly seeking support from Occupiers or at worst are cynically pandering to the Occupy mentality or dementia. Click here for the Mother Jones article. In summary, these 10 political hopefuls have given speeches at Occupy rallies and claim to be fighting for America’s middle class. One candidate humbly takes credit for creating Occupy’s “intellectual” foundation. I thought “stupid is as stupid does” came from “Forrest Gump” (see my prior article on Occupy’s Canadian founders). Would you be shocked if that candidate also believes rocks to be sentient beings? Another Occupy candidate proposes public financing for elections. Thus, “We, the people…” will pay higher taxes to finance any stooge who deigns to run for public office? In perhaps the most blatant example of pandering to Occupy’s base, one candidate proposes federal legislation to erase student debt. Yet another candidate is a former national mobilization director for MoveOn.org. (Ever heard of George Soros?) One candidate apparently engaging in “civil discourse” called Dick Cheney a “blood sucking vampire.” Last, and yes, least, one Occupy candidate from California counts among their supporters Phil Donahue and Hugo Chavez sidekick Sean Penn; enough said there, eh?

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